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Mindful Awareness can help with


Low mood






Gaining peace


Self care


Time and space 



‘... awareness of present experience with acceptance’ (Germer, 2005)


Life can be full of demands, leaving us feeling pulled along by the need to achieve, strive and accomplish. We gives ourselves little time to observe, reflect and be in the present moment. Mindfulness enables us to feel engaged more fully in life, without anxiety about the past, or what might happen in the future. We can focus more on what is happening now with less fear, judgment or the need to hold on tightly and control life.


Mindfulness sessions offer support in becoming more aware of our body, thoughts and emotions, without judgement or reaction. Mindfulness comes out of Buddhist practice and Buddhist psychology, but is a practice open to anyone who is religious, non religious, spiritual or non spiritual. I will also be running an 8 week series of workshops which you are most welcome to attend. See details below and do contact me if you require further information.


Mindfulness can enable us to feel more grounded, this helps to us to feel less emotionally reactive and impulsive when we are faced with difficult challenges. When we are less reactive, we feel calmer, more focused, more compassionate and able to see situations more clearly for what they are.


Mindfulness can enable the development of awareness, offering more understanding of ourselves, others and the world around us. We can stand back and see life from a wider perspective and be curious without needing to judge.
















One to one or group Mindfulness sessions


We can work together, on the development of a Mindfulness practice in your own life over a series of sessions. We will work together on “catching” yourself when you begin to react to stress, anxiety, worry, or inner criticism. By getting to know the signals, you can develop alternative ways of coping, such as self care and compassion for others, which will enable you to stand back from unhelpful patterns, distress and feelings.



© 2013 Ebb & Flow Counselling, Ann Rapstoff, all rights reserved


































© 2013 Ebb & Flow Counselling, Ann Rapstoff, all rights reserved























Mindfulness Didcot


Critical thinking


Spiritual development


Relaxation & breathing


Staying in the present


Grounding your body


Compassion towards self & others

We can make our minds so like water that beings gather about us that they may see, it may be, their own images, and so live for a moment, with a clearer perhaps even with a fiercer life because of our quiet


W B Yeats

Ann Rapstoff, Individual & Couples Counselling,

Psychotherapy, Mindfulness & CBT

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