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Couples and Relationship Counselling 

Couples or relationship counselling is for anyone who wants more from their intimate relationship. It is for couples, close friends or family members who want support in exploring how they communicate.


I welcome same sex couples, bi couples and heterosexual or straight couples.


Many relationships go through peaks and troughs and at times patterns of communication arise which result in misunderstandings, frustration, blame and distance. Perhaps you have forgotten how to support each other, share your feelings or experiences and nurture your relationship together. Maybe one or both of you feel unfulfilled, unheard or undervalued, perhaps the roles you have played in your relationship no longer work for you.


All partnerships can face stresses due to life events, life stages and change. This might include issues concerning the arrival of children, children leaving home, bereavement, illness, work pressures, redundancy, retirement or financial concerns.


Other reasons you may wish to come to couples /relationship counselling due to:


  • loss or betrayal of trust

  • a lack of direction/or different directions

  • loss of emotional contact

  • different desires, or sexual needs

  • feeling a lack of love

  • different parenting styles


    Couples counselling offers a safe neutral space

    to explore your relationship without judgement or stereotyping. It can offer support to:


  • hear your partner

  • nurture intimacy and openess in your relationship

  • explore how the past might impact on your relationship in the present

  • develop communication with your partner

  • find ways to de-escalate disagreements

  • negotiate conflict and differences

  • understand and hear each others values and beliefs understand each other wishes and wants


After seeing a couple together, I may suggest meeting each of you individually for one or two sessions. This can be the beginning of hearing yourself say things out loud before taking the risk of saying things directly to your partner. We will always agree anything said in individual sessions will be brought back to the session to be talked about openly between you.  


My commitment it to support you in what is best for the relationship and for you both as individuals. It’s never too late to work on your relationship together, but if one or both of you feel it is time to seperate, couples counselling can support you in facing loss and change. Counselling can offer space for you to feel you have tried everything to rebuild the relationship work. It can offer support in taking the next step in letting go and beginning the journey in accepting the relationship is over no matter how painful this is. The decision to end a relationship can be very difficult, it can raise fear of failure, being alone and the anxiety of rebuilding a future after as a single person.


I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Couples Counselling through Relational Change.


If you are interested in finding more about couples counselling please ring me to discuss an initial session to explore if this might be what you need to support your relationship.









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