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10 reminders on how to be your best friend



•Start your day with 5 minutes of quiet reflection - wake up slowly; read an inspirational poem, sit or walk round the garden.


•Eat what is good for you -  take time to savour what you eat, notice the smell and the taste as if you are eating it for the first time.


•Take three deep breaths - As you leave home take three deep breaths, reminding yourself to take these pauses throughout your day will keep stress hormones from being activated.


•Celebrate three things that have gone well – As you leave work or part way through the day remind yourself of what you have achieved, what you enjoyed, the special contact you had with a stranger, friend or colleague. It doesn’t matter how small; small is important too.


•Drink water – Drink plenty of water and you will keep your mind and body hydrated and alert. Remember water is life giving.


•Have a stretch - Whether you are sitting at a desk or working outside, don’t forget to stretch and move your body. Observe a cat they offer us teaching when it comes to stretching and noticing what our body needs.


•Leave gaps in your week – rather than over stretching yourself, give yourself time to reflect, put space in your schedule to enjoy something, to be still or to listen to the birds or the wind in the trees.


•Spend time really connecting with people - be open and really listen; offer time to those around you it will help you to feel alive and bring meaning to your day. Look at people and smile.  


•Play – take time to laugh, to play, have fun. Forget about doing adult things and do things just for the love of it.  


•Pace yourself – by the end of the day slow down and notice if you need to rest or take things at a slower pace




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